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Title: Grandma’s List
Author: Portia Dery, Ghana
Illustrator: Toby Newsome, South Africa
Age: +5
Release Date: July 2017
Fatima is determined to save the day. She wants to help Grandma with her to-do list so that everyone will realize that she is a big girl now! But the errands don’t go exactly as expected…Fatima, what have you done?



DD1 Cover


Title: Daring Duo #1: 179 Jabulani Street
Author: Karen Hurt, South Africa
Illustrator: Setor Fiadzigbey, Ghana
Age: +7
Release Date: December 2017
Synopsis: It all started with a pink jacket, a key and a scribbled note. When Jama and Ufulu bump into each other near a suspicious-looking house in Yeoville, they don’t realize that this will be the beginning of a friendship full of adventures. A new team is born … and they are ready to find out what is really going on at the mysterious 179 Jabulani Street!




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Title: A Monster at Midnight
Author: Bontle Senne, South Africa
Illustrator: Segun Samson, Nigeria
Age: +7
Release Date: December 2017
Synopsis: Phila is not happy to learn that she will leave the city to spend her school holidays in her Gogo’s village. There have always been stories about magical things happening in that valley in the middle of nowhere. When she goes to fetch water and hears a mysterious voice calling her, Phila has no idea what could be hiding in the shadows. A monster is coming at midnight … run, Phila, run!



Title: Bahiya, the Little Zebra
Author: Nahida Esmail, Tanzania
Illustrator: Randa Abubakr, Egypt
Age: +5
Release Date: March 2018
Synopsis: Even though Bahiya is one of the most beautiful zebras in the Serengeti, she doesn’t want to be striped like all the other zebras. When she finds a solution to her problem, she knows that her friend, the Hippo, can help. However, the little zebra returns home and no one seems to appreciate her unique new look. Will Bahiya realise how beautiful she is and accept her own stripes?